Erratum: Clearing the garden: ScholarlyHub as a new nonprofit digital commons

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Following the publication of our recent article in Insights [] we wish to bring the following erratum to your attention.
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 Accepted on 20 Apr 2018            Submitted on 20 Apr 2018


In the above paper, an error was introduced on page 5: ‘During the first month of the campaign, we raised around US$622,000 from about 75 individuals’. The amount raised was in fact US$5,000 and the publisher apologizes to the authors and our readers for introducing the error to the manuscript.

Competing interests

April Hathcock is an advisory board member of ScholarlyHub and Guy Geltner is the founder and community director of ScholarlyHub.


  1. Hathcock A and Geltner G, Clearing the garden: ScholarlyHub as a new non-profit digital commons, Insights, 2018, 31: 6, 1–6. DOI: