Shania Khan joined Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation (BQF) in January 2011 to set up and manage a marketing and PR function and develop and implement the company’s first three-year marketing plan in line with the company objectives. She is responsible for the design and delivery of BQFJ’s overall media and marketing strategy. Her remit is to penetrate new markets, develop an online presence, promote brand awareness, manage events and build and maintain a client base.

Prior to her work as Head of Marketing at BQF, Shania came from Royal Society Publishing in London. Her background included scientific marketing for the Royal Society and global marketing for the Arab British Chamber of Commerce in London.

Shania thoroughly enjoys using her professional expertise gained with a traditional subscription publisher to benefit the innovative open access (OA) model of QScience and the launch of new journals. She is involved in sales, marketing, customer services and PR/events, all of which aim to maximize exposure for OA publishing. At QScience, she is thrilled to apply and grow her marketing expertise, deepen her knowledge of the scientific community and, overall, support the success of the organization’s OA mission and goals.

In her spare time Shania listens to a lot of music. Her taste is very varied, from deep house to 90s grunge bands, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains and Soundgarden.

When not working, Shania can be found watching the cricket, drinking good wine, cooking and travelling – all the better when she can do those things with her son, Zachary.