Jill Emery has worked as a professional librarian for almost two decades but actually began library work as a schoolgirl when she designed a lending library of her personal books at the age of 11 and also helped the primary school librarian by ‘watching’ the library when the librarian went on breaks. Jill has worked for a range of academic libraries within the United States and currently resides in the Pacific Northwest region where she holds the position of Collection Development Librarian at Portland State University. Her career has shifted from being primarily responsible for print resource management, especially of continuing resources, to being responsible for the electronic resource management and now for the budgeting and general oversight of the myriad resources her library collects and makes available as their unique contribution to the universe of knowledge.

In the past decade, Jill has contributed to the development of electronic resource management in the United States through numerous publications and presentations, and this work has reached a pinnacle with the development of the TERMS (techniques for electronic resource management) project with Graham Stone from the University of Huddersfield, another Insights editorial board member. TERMS is a global, freely available wiki intended to provide best practices for managing electronic resources and providing example workflows. In addition, Jill has been a strong supporter of Bonnie Tijerina, the founder of Electronic Resources & Libraries, LLC. This is a not-for-profit organization which holds a yearly conference on the various aspects of electronic resource provision and issues concerning digital libraries. Jill has also served as President of the North American Serials Interest Group (NASIG) and Chair of the American Library Association's Acquisitions, Library Collections, and Technical Services' Continuing Resources Committee. Most recently, Jill's scholarship has focused on open access publishing paradigms and looking at ways scholarship in academia is changing and developing with technological advances.

Outside of her professional career, Jill enjoys riding her bicycle on any nice day, visiting the local farmers' markets, spending time with a wonderful group of friends in the Pacific Northwest, and exploring the Oregon coast with her daughter and husband. She has been known to knit from time to time but lately has not found much time to dedicate to developing her crafting skills. Jill looks forward to future adventures exploring the world with her family.