An evidence-based approach to engaging healthcare users in a journal review project

Anne Murphy


Due to significant cutbacks in the Irish health service, the Adelaide and Meath Hospital incorporating the National Children’s Hospital (AMNCH) Library’s budget was reduced by 25% in 2011, necessitating the cancellation of journals. This paper describes a journal review project that adopted an evidence-based approach to evaluate journals for retention or cancellation. A second project aim was to communicate to users that a major reduction to the Library budget was expected and to prepare them for journal cancellations. A decision-making process was designed which used journal metrics and user evaluations. 500 key users were surveyed to rate journals relevant, of whom 36% responded. The process informed the decision making for 80% of titles. Of a potential 286 journals, 73 (25%) were identified for cancellation. It also provided a basis on which to evaluate journals similar in price, impact and coverage which otherwise would have been difficult to differentiate.

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Published on 7 March 2012.

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